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Since its humble beginnings in 2003, Topps Powder Coating has grown into one of the foremost custom batch powder coating facilities in Oklahoma.  With very flexible production and material handling capabilities, we can accommodate the large, heavy items that other facilities are simply not geared up to do.  

Our experience in manufacturing, powder coating and corporate relationships offers an uncommon capability as a provider to manufacturers and to fabricators with large projects.  We routinely provide estimates and project consultation.  If your project requires custom powders, special handling, or special scheduling,  we can assist in the planning stages to best meet the budgetary and project planning goals.


Our experience with large commercial/industrial clients offers an exceptional ability to adapt to the scheduling, tracking, packaging and documentation needs of corporate entities.


Topps provides each of our customers, whether commercial or retail, special attention and top quality service, demonstrating our commitment to fulfilling all needs.

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Topps Powder Coating is honored to have been recently selected to be a member of the Tiger Drylac 5 Star Applicator Council.  This group of applicators have been certified to apply CARC (chemical agent resistant coating) powder coatings for defense/military products.  Topps was one of the first ten CARC applicators to be certified by Tiger Drylac in 2015.

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