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Powder coating technologies offer a diverse set of solutions to meet the functional needs of almost every metal finishing requirement.  Some examples of the products offered by Topps are listed below:

Exterior grade polyester - the most common standard coating.  Polyesters are flexible, UV resistant, impact tolerant and resistant to chemicals.

Interior grade epoxy - Epoxy powders should only be used in interior applications.  Epoxy coatings are typically more chemical resistant and abrasion tolerant than a standard polyester.  Epoxies are not as flexible, impact resistant or UV resistant as a polyester.

Zinc-rich epoxy primer - corrosion protection similar to galvanizing.  For ferrous metal finishes, an epoxy based zinc-rich primer, covered with a polyester color coat is the best  corrosion preventative solution  available.  Similar primer coatings are available for aluminum substrates.

Temperature tolerant powders - withstands sustained temperatures up to 600o Fahrenheit.   A standard polyester coating will withstand temperatures of approximately 200-250 degrees.  Ceramic coatings that will tolerate higher temperatures are available.

Architectural grade powders - hybrid powders similar in performance to Kynar®.  The highest quality “super durable” coating available with higher UV resistance, higher chemical resistance and a long term life expectancy than a standard polyester.

Ceramic hi-temp coatings - a specialized coating for high temperature environments. Topps offers a corrosion protection solution for exhaust systems, headers, etc. that not only provides an excellent  shield against rust but enhances the heat dissipation performance of your system.

Anti-skid Coatings - a specialized grit impregnated powder for those industrial areas where sure-footed traction is essential.

Firearm Coatings - Cerakote brand ceramic firearm coatings… in lots of colors… the best protection in the market for your weapon.

Flor-polymer Coatings - Exceptional UV tolerance.  Outstanding resistance to corrosive compounds,  Very hard material resistant to abrasion.