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Topps offers a wide variety of colors, sheens and textures.

(glossy, satin, flat, textured, smooth, metallic, metal flake, hammertone)

The samples below represent just a few of the palette of colors that are available.

(Please remember that the color seen on your computer screen is not the exact appearance of the real color.)

For your special environment needs or custom color matching Topps works with the nation’s leading manufacturers of powder and will be happy to address your requirements to their laboratories.

For outdoor applications or industrial environments, as your Topps representative about zinc-rich primer coating as an added protection against corrosion and about “Super Durable” architectural grade powders.

Special note to petroleum industry fabricators and manufacturers:  

Topps has approved proprietary colors in Calfrac white, PTL Blue, PTL Green, Baker Hughes Blue, Schlumberger Blue, Scientific Drilling Blue and Armada Blue.