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Powder Coating

It’s tough!   It lasts a long time.  It looks really good!

There are a lot of reasons that powder coating is growing faster than any other metal finishing technique.

The bottom line is…

it provides an excellent protective coating, it is extremely durable and it looks great!


Powder coating can be simplistically described as a powdered, oven cured paint.  It contains no solvents, is electro-statically applied as a powder and, when cured, is a homogenous,  virtually non-porous, coating.

The powder coating process, like any metal finishing technique, is critically dependent upon the preparation of the metal surface.  Having a thoroughly clean  substrate with a properly etched adhesion surface is vital to the long term survivability of any coating.

After cleaning and preparation, the item is then “painted”.  The positively  charged powder is sprayed directly onto the substrate.  The powder clings electro-statically to the metal surface until placed in the oven.  Then the heat activates a chemical process that allows the powder to liquefy, to bond to the item and to cure.  The result is a beautiful and resilient coating with a uniform, durable and high quality finish.

Powder coating is available in a wide variety of colors, sheens and textures.  Powder coating offers more flexibility in color, texture and appearance than almost any single step paint process… and is more cost effective… with a more permanent, durable finish that retains its appeal for years.

Topps utilizes powders manufactured by the best composition companies in the industry (Tiger Drylac, Dupont, IFS Powders, 3M, etc.).  

Why Powder Coating?

Please remember that all powder coating is not the same.  There are grades and qualities of powder and different formulations for specific applications.  Your applicator should advise you on the best coating for your requirements.

And, all powder coating applicators are not the same!  There are different techniques for the cleaning and preparation of the metal… different processes for the application and curing of the powder.  

The experienced professionals at Topps stand behind their work and are happy to provide you the consultative support to give you the best coating available for your project.