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Blast & Color Coat

Blast, Primer & Color Coat

Stamped sheet metal arm chairs  (each)



Expanded metal chair



Cast Aluminum arm chair



Three person sheet metal glider

(Single Color)

(Gliders MUST be disassembled either by Topps or by Customer)



Two person sheet metal glider

(Single color)



Bistro Chair or Table (each)



Cast Iron Bench Ends (each)



Expanded metal small cafe set

(Two step Candy Purple)


- N/A -

Wrought Iron Wine Serving Cart with removable tray



Cast Metal Sittee or Love Seat



While there are any number of variables that can affect the price of coating/finishing any piece of furniture, the following are some samples and examples of types of patio furniture and the related prices for those items.  Hopefully, this will help give you an insight into the cost you may expect.

The first column represents the cost to simply media blast the item and to apply a single step in-stock powder (color coat).

The second column represents the cost to media blast the item, apply an epoxy based primer (zinc-rich for steel, OGF for aluminum and cast iron) and then apply the color coat as above.

The primer coat is highly recommended for the best corrosion protection we can offer, especially for items that will be around swimming pools.

Come by or give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss all the options with you.  We have a large display of color samples in the shop for you to choose your colors.

Visit us on Facebook to see more pictures of, not only patio furniture, but a variety of the “unusual” things we coat.