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CeraKote - The finest in firearm coatings…

Topps is proud to offer NIC’s outstanding family of ceramic firearm coatings.  No better corrosion protection for your weapon exists in the consumer market.  With outstanding resistance to the weather and harsh chemicals, the Cerakote series of products gives you years of protection and unmatched aesthics… truly a custom look for your firearm.

Topps is factory trained and is a certified applicator of all NIC Industries coating products including Prismatic powders, Cerakote C-Series, Cerakote H-Series and Cerakote W-Series.

Prismatic and Cerakote are copyrighted trademarks of NIC Industries.

Nothing protects like CeraKote coatings against attacks from solvents, oils, acids, moisture, salts, and environmental exposure.  On the bench, in the holster or in the filed, CeraKote guards your prized firearm.